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Postage Tracker App for Malaysia and Singapore

You can use this Android app to track your postage or parcel status. This all-in-one postage tracker can track numerous courier service providers in Malaysia and Singapore. DOWNLOAD this Android app from official Google Play Store.

Postage Tracker

List of courier services supported todate:-

Abx Express, After 5, Airpak Express, Asiaxpress, Citylink Express, CJ Century, Collectco, Comone Express, DD Express, DeliverLah, Dex-i Express, DHL Ecommerce, DHL Express, Dpe Express, Dpex Express, DropIt, EasiPass, Ecargo Express, FedEx Express, Freight Mark, Gdex Express, GoGet, ie-Post Express, Instant, J&T Express, Jinsung Trading, Jocom, Karhoo Courier, KTMD Malaysia, Lazada eLogistics (LEL), Leopards Express, LineClear Express, LWE , M Xpress, Matdespatch Express, Motorex, MyPoz, NationWide Express, NinjaVan Malaysia, Pgeon Delivery, Pickupp, Poslaju Express, Postco, Qxpress, Skynet Express, SPC, Sure Reach, TaqBin Malaysia, TNT Express, Toll Express, UPS Express, WePost, ZeptoExpress, Zoom.

Comone Express, Dex-i Express, DHL Ecommerce, DHL Express, Dpe Express, Dpex Express, EasiPass, FedEx Express, ie-Post Express, Jayon Express, Jet Ship, KGM Hub, Pickupp, Quantium Solutions, Qxpress, Roadbull, Roadbull, RZY Express, SimplyPost, Singapore Post, SpeedPost, TNT Express, UPS Express, UrbanFox, WePost.

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